Think and Grow Rich has been read by many but mastered by few.

Will you be the next success story?

Think and Grow Rich has been a best selling book for years. But not everyone that buys it gets rich. The book is literally packed with great information, but it is the application of this information that really makes the difference.

Follow your dreams

Why wait any longer!

Think and Grow Rich is one of the most influential books of all time in pointing the way to personal achievement - to financial independence and to riches of the spirit beyond measurement in money. Thousands of people have applied the famous philosophy of this book for their own enrichment. Its secrets are as timeless and practical as when the first edition was published.

In this unique and incredibly comprehensive program, we will study Paul Martinelli and learn how he was able to go from high school dropout to become a  4-time multi-million dollar business builder.  You will learn the secrets of 25 years of study, research and practical experience along with everyday applications for a fuller life filled with joy and purpose.

This truly transformational program includes:

♦ An 12 week deep-dive into Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich

♦ 298 page PDF workbook copy of the core text

♦ Private access to the program portal organizing your study of the program

♦ 15 teaching lessons covering each key step including their practical application 

♦ Exclusive bonus videos and content


  • 1

    Welcome To the Program

    • Welcome!

    • Download Your Free Book


  • 2

    BONUS Content

  • 3

    Week One - Persistence

    • Learning Model Timeline

    • Pre-Work

    • Persistence Audio Lesson

    • Persistence Sharing Call

  • 4

    Week Two - Author's Preface

    • Authors Preface Assignments

    • Authors Preface Sharing Call

  • 5

    Week Three - Introduction

    • Introduction Assignments

    • Introduction Sharing Call

  • 6

    Week Four - Desire

    • Desire Assignments

    • Desire Sharing Call

  • 7

    Week Five - Faith

    • Faith Assignments

  • 8

    Week Six - How to Outwit the 6 Ghosts of Fear

    • Six Ghosts of Fear Assignments

    • Faith & Six Ghosts of Fear Sharing Call

  • 9

    Week Seven - Imagination

    • Imagination Assignments

    • Imagination Sharing Call

  • 10

    Week 8 - Decision

    • Decision Assignments

  • 11

    Week 9 - Mind I

    • Mind Pt 1 VIDEO Lesson

    • Mind Pt 1a ADDITIONAL Audio Lesson

    • Audio ONLY version of video lesson

    • Decision & The Mind PT 1 Sharing Call

  • 12

    Week 10 - Mind II & Mind III

    • Week 10 Assignments

    • Mind Pt II VIDEO Lesson

    • Mind Pt III VIDEO Lesson

    • The MIND PT II Audio Version Only

    • The MIND PT III Audio Version Only

    • The MIND PT II & III Sharing Call

  • 13

    Week 11 - Specialized Knowledge

    • Specialized Knowledge Sharing Call

    • Week 11 Assignments

  • 14

    Week 12 - Organized Planning & Mystery of Sex Transmutation

    • Organized Planning Audio Lesson

    • Mystery of Sex Transmutation Audio Lesson

    • Feedback

    • Final Sharing Call!

About Your Instructor

Maximum Success Coach

Donna Kunde

Donna Kunde is a sought after international certified leadership and personal growth coach. She works with business owners and independent professionals who want to achieve their goals without selling their soul!Nothing says success like client success. I have some of the best clients in the world and appreciate their words. They’re why I do what I do.“I have now had the pleasure of sitting through a group activity led by Donna twice now, and was blown away both times. In my role as Assistant Branch Manager, I get the opportunity to sit through many educational seminars, guest speakers and networking presentations and Donna is one of my favorites. Her dedication and belief in what she does in addition to her laid-back, down-to-earth personality really helps connect her with her audience. She personalizes and shares each experience with the group so you can see the effect it has had on her personally. She truly helps motivate you to believe in yourself and your ability to change your situation, which is easier than you may think. I look forward to continuing to work with Donna, and encourage you to do the same!” Lee Cooper – Bank Assistant Branch Manager“I would like to take a moment to thank you for hosting the book club on Becoming a Person of Influence by John Maxwell and Jim Dornan. It was my first time participating in a book club and I really gained so much more insight by doing so. Even though I highlighted everything that I thought was important, there was so much more to learn from the discussions with the other members. In fact, there was important information that I totally missed, and I read some chapters twice. Also, getting to hear the point of view of the others was invaluable and added so much depth to my understanding. I look forward to the next book!” JoAnn Onesty – Philanthropist“I'm so thankful for participating in this course. Each week helped me to learn and grow in different areas of my life. Donna helped motivate, challenged you to grow personally and encourage you each lesson. I'm blessed by participating.” Crystal Phelps – Direct Sales Leader“Anyone who is self-employed, owns your own business or not will benefit from Donna Kunde's Mentoring and Empowerment courses. We often get stuck when we are going through stuff and not sure how to get unstuck. By taking the course, the principles that Donna lays out are essential to your growth process. The course allows you to see life's issues from a different perspective, which helps you get to the root of the problem and creates an environment that will lead to a simple and easy solution. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is feeling stuck. Donna Kunde’s Mentoring and Empowerment courses are a great way to help you achieve your goals while letting you see your vision clearly.” Helena Richardson – Small Business Owner“This mini-course has inspired and encouraged me to learn more. I believe this course is going to help me achieve the vision I have for my life. Definitely a good way to start off the new year.” Jacqueline Sumlin – Direct Sales Leader “Donna provided a professionally polished program which enabled high levels of participation.  She provided a practical and highly DOABLE process to initiate desirable change and set goals. Thank you, Donna!” Jim Hasbrouck – Innkeeper


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