Do you feel frustrated and lost about how to overcome them?

Are you wondering if the success and life you really want is possible?

You’re far from alone. We all live in an increasingly unpredictable world where new situations and circumstances arise one after the other like the next hurdle in a race. Even when you are well-trained and agile, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, weary and defeated. 

The good news is that there is hope. And more than hope, there is a way. A way that has stood the test of time and will give you the insights, strength and courage to conquer life’s hurdles to create the life and success you truly want.

In today’s world, these proven success strategies are essential now more than ever. And they work. I know. By understanding and using these strategies I went from feeling alone and defeated to connected and creating my dream.

"100% Disabled"

“100% Disabled” was the label on my file when I departed the military after a 20-year career. With multiple medical diagnosis and health challenges that left me lifeless and hurting all over, I believed every ounce of that label. 

I went home to sit on the couch and waited to die. Except I had a family and responsibilities, so I instead I focused on surviving each day enough to do what I needed to do. Though loved ones supported me, I felt trapped and alone in my moment to moment existence.

Then one evening while recovering on the couch from the day’s demands I was jolted reading these words:

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. - James Allen

That was me. I desperately wanted to feel healthy and alive again, but I wasn’t doing anything to truly improve my situation. Even more, I wasn’t doing anything to improve myself. Why should I? All the doctors told me my situation was hopeless, there was nothing I could do. 

100% Enabled to Create Your Success

I realized in that moment that I had totally accepted their conclusion and had “bound” myself to seek no other option. Suddenly, I was angry at them and at myself. All that wasted time!

Then, just as quickly, I was flooded with hope. I did not have to accept the doctor’s prognosis. I did not have to be 100% disabled for the rest of my life. I could improve my circumstances by improving myself from the inside out. 

And I did. I fired my doctors. I started to pour my energies into what I was telling myself was possible. I started learning new ways of thinking and acting. I created new relationships and connected with others doing the same.

In time my health started to change. My energy started to return. My body aches significantly reduced. My relationships became meaningful and enriched. I was no longer “100% Disabled.” Instead, I was 100% Enabled to overcome life’s hurdles and create the successful life I wanted!

You can, too! I was so moved by this experience and what I learned that I decided to figure out how to share these powerful strategies with others.


Maximum Success 2.0: Essential Strategies for Today’s World

Because you’re reading this, I know that you want to overcome life’s hurdles, you want to reach your maximum potential to do amazing things in your career, life, and the world. And that likely you need a new approach - one that will truly work in today’s demanding, incredible, and unpredictable world.

That’s what the Maximum Success 2.0 program is all about. We focus on essential success principles that are proven to catapult your success and have stood the test of time. 

Each principle will open the door to a new awareness and guide you with daily practices that tear down the walls of limiting principles that prevented you from your full achievement and beautiful, successful life.  

Essential Success Principles such as:

  • The power of a specific, meaningful Vision to create a life of personal significance

  • The influence of Intuition that enables you to unfold your vision with awareness of new possibilities and sound decision making

  • The inspiration of Leadership on steering ourselves and motivating others

  • The impact of Courage on facing our fears and obstacles that will inevitably happen

  • The role Faith plays in making the unimaginable, untouchable and unknown become real and practical

  • And more!

Often, these principles are not truly understood or applied. So, as part of the program you will receive a Max Success Daily Thought Email on a success principle to expand (and blow!) your mind. Plus, twice a month you will have the opportunity to dial in to a live, deeper dive Max Success Call that will be recorded and available for replay.

Then, to shift from knowing to doing, you will receive a weekly Max Success Challenge to leverage a success principle to work for you in your own life. And, just like the track coach in the video above, you will have access to the Max Success Online Community of like-minded people to share wins, ask questions, and stay motivated. 

I’m so thankful for participating in this course! Each week helped me learn and grow in different areas of my life. Donna helped motivate, challenge, and encourage you to grow personally in each lesson.   -Crystal Phelps

The Essential Success Principles will change your decision-making, which will change your life as you see it and you live it today.  These principles will wash away your fears that you don't deserve, or that you can't achieve your true desires, and will enhance your visions beyond your wildest dreams. Success can and will be yours!

I still remember sitting on the couch that day feeling anxious about my health and negative spiral of my life. That as my normal. 

To this day I’m grateful for the words from James Allen that jolted me so deeply that I realized I could create my new normal. The success principles in the Maximum Success 2.0 program will help you create your new normal, too!

These success principles will shape your process of achieving the life you desire, the life you deserve, the life that is rightfully yours to claim, a fully rewarding and successful life.

Maximum Success 2.0 Includes:

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  • Max Success Daily Thought Email

  • Max Success Challenges

  • Two Max Success Calls Each Month

  • Max Success Online Community

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Donna Kunde is a sought after international certified leadership and personal growth coach. She works with business owners and independent professionals who want to achieve their goals without selling their soul!Nothing says success like client success. I have some of the best clients in the world and appreciate their words. They’re why I do what I do.“I have now had the pleasure of sitting through a group activity led by Donna twice now, and was blown away both times. In my role as Assistant Branch Manager, I get the opportunity to sit through many educational seminars, guest speakers and networking presentations and Donna is one of my favorites. Her dedication and belief in what she does in addition to her laid-back, down-to-earth personality really helps connect her with her audience. She personalizes and shares each experience with the group so you can see the effect it has had on her personally. She truly helps motivate you to believe in yourself and your ability to change your situation, which is easier than you may think. I look forward to continuing to work with Donna, and encourage you to do the same!” Lee Cooper – Bank Assistant Branch Manager“I would like to take a moment to thank you for hosting the book club on Becoming a Person of Influence by John Maxwell and Jim Dornan. It was my first time participating in a book club and I really gained so much more insight by doing so. Even though I highlighted everything that I thought was important, there was so much more to learn from the discussions with the other members. In fact, there was important information that I totally missed, and I read some chapters twice. Also, getting to hear the point of view of the others was invaluable and added so much depth to my understanding. I look forward to the next book!” JoAnn Onesty – Philanthropist“I'm so thankful for participating in this course. Each week helped me to learn and grow in different areas of my life. Donna helped motivate, challenged you to grow personally and encourage you each lesson. I'm blessed by participating.” Crystal Phelps – Direct Sales Leader“Anyone who is self-employed, owns your own business or not will benefit from Donna Kunde's Mentoring and Empowerment courses. We often get stuck when we are going through stuff and not sure how to get unstuck. By taking the course, the principles that Donna lays out are essential to your growth process. The course allows you to see life's issues from a different perspective, which helps you get to the root of the problem and creates an environment that will lead to a simple and easy solution. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is feeling stuck. Donna Kunde’s Mentoring and Empowerment courses are a great way to help you achieve your goals while letting you see your vision clearly.” Helena Richardson – Small Business Owner“This mini-course has inspired and encouraged me to learn more. I believe this course is going to help me achieve the vision I have for my life. Definitely a good way to start off the new year.” Jacqueline Sumlin – Direct Sales Leader “Donna provided a professionally polished program which enabled high levels of participation.  She provided a practical and highly DOABLE process to initiate desirable change and set goals. Thank you, Donna!” Jim Hasbrouck – Innkeeper

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